Personal Shopping


Personal Shopping

My personal shopping session is an invaluable next step to your wardrobe and style review

If you recognize yourself in one of the below mentioned options, my personal shopping session will help you out:

  • You make purchases which you end up not wearing
  • You don’t have time or patience to shop
  • You buy from the same places and go for the same looks
  • You are an impulse buyer
  • You are too hesitant
  • You don’t know the brands that suit your style or body shape
  • You simply hate shopping as it’s time consuming and boring

The advantage of personal shopping with me

It’s not just about taking all the stress out of shopping and saving money or even about researching the shops for you. My expertise as an image consultant is crucial in guiding you on how to understand your body type and make the right choices. It is better to go shopping armed with all the necessary information about the colours and the best cuts and shapes for your figure in order to build a practical wardrobe with ready-to-go outfits for various appearances.

Whether you are building a working, casual wardrobe, or one for special events, this session is designed to teach you how to shop successfully on your own. In addition, you will learn how to recognize a good fabric and try new brands that work for you that you may have previously overlooked. You will also receive tips on accessorising and pulling outfits together.

In order to understand your exact needs and spend our time together effectively, the session is always planned in advance. I will ask you to complete a questionnaire regarding your lifestyle, shopping habits, style, budget and most importantly your needs. Prior to shopping we will meet for an hour to discuss and go briefly through your body type and colour analysis. After a quick review, we will head out to the shops together with our shopping checklist. Remember, my aim is to show what suits you best so that next time you go shopping, you will know what to look for and what works for you.

 Package Includes:

  • 30 min interview before we start the shopping
  • Body and colour analysis
  • Your style review
  • 4 hours of shopping
  • Pre-selected items prior to the shopping session
  • A digital photographic record of your best outfits for easy reference
  • Styling tips and recommendations for your body type

Additional Options: Styling and outfit building – we will work on putting together outfits with your old clothes and new purchased items with a clear idea of what goes with what.

Any questions you may have, please email or contact me at +33 6 44 79 21 07

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