Personal Image


Personal Image

Highlight your figure with the right clothes and the right colours 

Your wardrobe should reflect who you are in a stylish and effortless way. If you love the clothes you are wearing and feel happy with the way you look and present yourself, your confidence and self-appreciation will increase. This session gives you a full understanding of your body shape along with valuable tips and recommendations for clothes that fit and flatter. In addition, I will provide guidance on colours, layering items, right types of cuts, fabrics, prints and accessories, showing you how to pull everything together to complement your figure.

Body Shape Analysis

The body analysis is an image assessment based on the measurement of the body to evaluate proportions. In other words, it is an observation of your bone structure and does not take into account whether you gain or lose weight. There are several types of body shapes and it is important to realize that each of them is unique. We must understand our bone structure and focus on learning how to create the silhouette that most appeals to us. At the end of the consultation, you will know how to dress according to your body shape, pick the right fabrics, prints and cuts and know how to accessorize for getting a harmonious and effective image.

 Colour Analysis

Discovering your true colours and understanding their impact on your mood and on people’s reaction to you is valuable knowledge that you might not have realized. Seasonal colour analysis, or skin-tone matching, determines the colours and tones of makeup and clothing which suit a person best, based on their skin, hair and eye colour. Wearing the wrong colours can have a negative effect on your skin while wearing the right colours can lift your mood, make you look younger and healthier, and also disguise some parts of your body that you may want to reduce visually. So, it is important to know your most flattering colours, learn the techniques of colour combination and finally learn what colours mean and how they affect your mood.

Package includes :

  • Body type analysis: personalised book with tips on the clothes, types of fabrics, cuts, prints, etc. based on your body type and silhouette
  • Colour analysis: elaborating a palette for your colour season
  • Techniques of colour combination
  • Face shape analysis: recommendations for hair cut/colour, eyewear and accessories that accentuate your face shape and skin tone.
  • Hairstyle and make-up session (at client cost)

Duration : 3h

Any questions you may have, please email or contact me at +33 6 44 79 21 07


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