I am Nare, a certified image consultant and personal stylist based in Paris. I provide my services to men, women and corporations using fashion and style to make people feel more confident and beautiful by enforcing their message and raising their professional and social appearance to the next level.

If style was the music, clothes would be the instruments.

From a very young age, I started showing a big interest and instinctive talent with clothes. This new fascinating and attractive world full of fabrics and accessories was a real treasure to me.

Upon obtaining my master’s degree in Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy in Russia I decided to move to Paris to study International Business Management. I worked in a corporate environment for seven years before deciding it was time to move forward with my true ambition: fashion and image. First, I created my blog Nare’s Touch where I would share styling tips alongside running a Youtube channel. I then decided to study at a fashion school in Paris where I got qualified as a certified image and communication consultant.

I speak five languages and I’ve lived and worked in four countries. This rich cross-cultural background has helped me acquire an expert eye to understand and appreciate my clients’ needs and the image they want to project no matter where they are.

I know from my own experience that confidence is one of the keys to happiness. How you look and behave speaks a lot about your personality. My overall objective is that you look your best, feel confident and above all enjoy being yourself. With a very methodical approach and through my pedagogical skills, I help you discover the best colours, shapes and styles of clothing that will suit you, your personality, your lifestyle and your budget.

While my clients’ goals, preferences and lifestyle may differ, I tailor my work to fit their needs and support them with empathy, constructive advice and of course confidentiality. It’s not just about doing a makeover by putting you in clothes that bring out the best in your appearance. My goal is to leave you feeling empowered to take the next steps on your own with a renewed sense of body confidence and awareness that you deserve to feel amazing every day.

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