It was my last day in Madrid and it was raining the whole day. I had planned to go to El Rastro which is one of THE must-dos in Madrid! Actually it’s an open-air market held every Sunday where you can find everything – new and second-hand products. I was mostly impressed by antique shops with different sculptures, fountains and all kind of interesting disappeared objects.

It’s a real must-do in Madrid and to ensure you I can tell you that even walking there in the rain didn’t scare us as it worth it!









We decided then to go have some breakfast and also to warm up a bit. I was waiting for this day to have my favourite spanish breakfast with pantumaca and torilla patata. Pantumaca is a toast with potatoes and olive oil and tortilla patata is a kind of a cake with eggs and potatoes. These are THE specialities of spanish cuisine and very very delicious.



tortilla patata

tortilla patata

Another must-do in Madrid, is visiting El Retiro – the Spanish Versailles in my opinion. This is a huge park with lakes, beautiful trees, Crystal Palace, fountains, green gardens, etc. Unfortunately it was raining when I was there, but there are a plenty of activities that you can do – take a boat, do picnics, jogging, playing, walking and having a good time because you can actually relax, meditate and be around the nature…Next time I’m in Madrid, I don’t want a rain so I can benefit from El Retiro as much as possible!

El Retiro

El Retiro


El Retiro

El Retiro



IMG_20160508_173012 IMG_20160508_174352




Next to El Retiro there is another beautiful place to see – Los Cibeles Place with its charming fountain in front of the city hall. The latter is open to public and moreover, there’s a rooftop with a terrace to have a drink. We had our coffee inside of course but with this beautiful view!

los cibeles

madrid city hall

madrid city hall  

Going back home I was glancing at the magnificient buildings and places, a little bit sad to leave Madrid, but not too much, as we were going to partyyy 🙂









We finished this last and eventful day in a night bar Star Studio where mixed latino and pop music was playing. It’s a nice place for those who are looking for latino dances and having fun!


Here comes to end my Journey and back to Paris it felt so sad and grey. I was disgusted at the beginning and wanted to go back.

I can tell you if you have a possibility, visit Madrid as it will affect you for sure. If anyone has questions, I’ll be pleased to respond to them.

See you soon!




Hello guys! I’m happy to share my experience of visiting Madrid for the first time. In this post I’ll give you some tips, ideas and addresses that might be useful for you if you’re ever planning on going to Madrid.

So to start with, it was the first time I was taking Transavia and I can say it’s ok if you’re flying in Europe, pretty comfortable for economy class!

FLYING TO Madrid via TransaviaI had this amazing view out of my window (I was staying at my friend’s appartment which was perfectly situated near the metro La Latina).

LA LATINA, MADRIDThe first thing to do was to go and grab some food because I was starving! We went to Mercado San Anton where I tasted tapas. This place was really fantastic as you could walk around, buy some food in the market and eat right there! Well, of course after having done the line as it’s pretty crowded during the meal time (the lunch time is between 14h and 16h, it was a hmmm….how to say, ..interesting lol).




IMG_20160505_231957And the olives are especially tasty as well as their famous olive oil!


Now that we have filled out bellies we can go visiting! The Plaza Mayor is a must-do as it’s one of the major squares of Madrid, one of the oldest and attractive. It kinda recalled me Dome Square of Florence and it was as much crowded by the tourists. What makes this square special is that right here during the reign of Felipe 2 there were public executions, crowning ceremonies, bullfights, and inquisition trials.

plaza mayor, MadridYou can walk, take some coffee in one of numerous cafés or take a funny picture with typical spanish dress only for 1 euro as I did.

spanish girl

Just next to Plaza Mayor there is another square – Puerta del Sol which is also attractive thanks to the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree.

The Bear and the Strawberry Tree

But not only! It’s a busy corner of Madrid with a lot of shops with typical spanish staff. Aaaamazing!

puerta del sol

el matadorspanish fan


Now we can go shopping! First at El Corte Inglès, then at the Gran Via – Madrid’s main avenue with a lot of boutiques and beautiful buildings.

H&M Madrid

El Corte Inglès, Madrid






After the shopping we were a bit exhausted and we decided to climb up the rooftop to have a coffee at the Gourmet Experience – the delicatessen food floor of the Corte Inglès with spanish shopping galleries.  You have this beautiful view of Madrid and it’s even better if you manage to get a table near the window so as you could have your coffee and enjoy the view!

El Corte Inglès


On our way back home we went to the museum of jamon and to one of the churches near the metro La Latina. In the latter it was really nice to walk as it was calm and quiet (no tourists at all, so no noise 🙂 ) and actually it was possible to stay alone with oneself for a little while.

музей хамона

музей хамона







That was all for today! Tired and exhausted we got home to get a rest and energy for the next day.

You can continue reading the next part in my next post.

See you !:)

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