Happy Easter to everybody! Today’s post is for those who are celebrating the Orthodox Easter. I guess it’s a challenge for me to keep this tradition in a foreign country but today we added our touch along with my friend Marina who made these delicious and healthy Easter cakes. I don’t know the recipe but surely I’m going to have them again.

IMG_20160501_104157We stopped by quickly at this nice brasserie called “La Grille Saint Germain” near Jardin de Luxembourg for a take-away coffee and even asked the landlady to heat up our homemade cakes. Well, there is a myth that the parisian waiters are rude but you know what? There are still a lot of kind people out there and we were pleasantly surprised with my friend when she took care of our cakes. So I’m definitely going back there to have some coffee in the corner of one of the most charming streets of Saint Germain des Prés.



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