Hello friends! Today I’m presenting you another healthy and delicous recipe for your lunch or dinner. I had it for dinner and recommend you too as if you’re eating healthy, you must be in search of a light dinner. Well, in this case the broccoli is perfect for you as it’s very low in cholesterol and calorie and it can be used as a detox! I know that for me it’s important to have a dish full of colors, as our brain is very responsive to what we eat, the form, shapes, colors and the smell of course. That’s why I try to make all my meals eye catching.IMG_20160418_232008

The recipe is quite easy to cook. I steamed the broccoli and heat up one fish stick. Then I added two spoons of carrot / pea mixture (you can find it in cans), two spoons of a garlic olive oil and this fantastic mixture that I’ve found at bonjourfrenchfood. This is a salad mixture with black olives, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, marigold flower and basil. Leave a comment if you try to cook this dish. Bon appetit!IMG_20160418_232039


It was my last day in Madrid and it was raining the whole day. I had planned to go to El Rastro which is one of THE must-dos in Madrid! Actually it’s an open-air market held every Sunday where you can find everything – new and second-hand products. I was mostly impressed by antique shops with different sculptures, fountains and all kind of interesting disappeared objects.

It’s a real must-do in Madrid and to ensure you I can tell you that even walking there in the rain didn’t scare us as it worth it!









We decided then to go have some breakfast and also to warm up a bit. I was waiting for this day to have my favourite spanish breakfast with pantumaca and torilla patata. Pantumaca is a toast with potatoes and olive oil and tortilla patata is a kind of a cake with eggs and potatoes. These are THE specialities of spanish cuisine and very very delicious.



tortilla patata

tortilla patata

Another must-do in Madrid, is visiting El Retiro – the Spanish Versailles in my opinion. This is a huge park with lakes, beautiful trees, Crystal Palace, fountains, green gardens, etc. Unfortunately it was raining when I was there, but there are a plenty of activities that you can do – take a boat, do picnics, jogging, playing, walking and having a good time because you can actually relax, meditate and be around the nature…Next time I’m in Madrid, I don’t want a rain so I can benefit from El Retiro as much as possible!

El Retiro

El Retiro


El Retiro

El Retiro



IMG_20160508_173012 IMG_20160508_174352




Next to El Retiro there is another beautiful place to see – Los Cibeles Place with its charming fountain in front of the city hall. The latter is open to public and moreover, there’s a rooftop with a terrace to have a drink. We had our coffee inside of course but with this beautiful view!

los cibeles

madrid city hall

madrid city hall  

Going back home I was glancing at the magnificient buildings and places, a little bit sad to leave Madrid, but not too much, as we were going to partyyy 🙂









We finished this last and eventful day in a night bar Star Studio where mixed latino and pop music was playing. It’s a nice place for those who are looking for latino dances and having fun!


Here comes to end my Journey and back to Paris it felt so sad and grey. I was disgusted at the beginning and wanted to go back.

I can tell you if you have a possibility, visit Madrid as it will affect you for sure. If anyone has questions, I’ll be pleased to respond to them.

See you soon!