The faux fur coats don’t go anywhere this season! When the temperature is below 0° but you don’t feel like wearing a jumper over your roll-neck and two t-shirts under your cosy warm coat, you go for a more fancy option if you dare cause you won’t stay unnoticed with your faux fur! And if you pair it correctly, you’ll be called a real fashionista!

The “fur” subject being actual as never, designers go more and more for “the fake fur” staying open-minded and realistic. Some of these fake furs could compete with the real ones. The fact is, either at Gucci or H&M you’ll find a trendy colored faux fur coat to look chic.

Celebrities, influencers and famous models only increase the attraction by showing off in faux furs making a publicity and referring to a certain way of affordability.

Here are some suggestions of faux fur coats:

  1. ON THE LEFT: Chiara Ferragni wearing sky blue faux fur coat  

   ON THE RIGHT: My alternative from Zara (shop it here )

2. ON THE LEFT: Chiara again showing off in her pink faux fur coat from Majorelle (198,18€)

    ON THE RIGHT: Me (seems that I have a response to almost all Chiara’s faux fur coats) in a faux fur coat from Bershka (25€)

3. ON THE LEFT: Gigi Hadid in a coat from Sam Edelman (139$)

    ON THE RIGHT: Bershka version (25€), shop it here 

Basically all major trendy brands proposed the faux fur in different colors, shapes making them perfect for a streetstyle or urban chic look. My favorite fun colors are pink, green and blue. Here is my selection of chic faux fur coats to keep you warm:

BERHSKA Click here to shop it

Click here to shop

MANGO  Click here to shop it

TOPSHOP Click here to shop




It seems that you liked this pictures most of all. I think I might have a clue why it is so. You see the red color is not too much related to the working environment when it comes to dress code policy. But I couldn’t have hidden this amazing red pleated skirt only for going out for sure. And here I came with an alternative which worked for me and happily you liked it too.

So it is about combining with a less sexy piece which will neutralize the sexy provocative side of the outfit. I did it mostly by wearing a simple top from Mango and a grey coat from 3 Suisses. These colors definitely blend together and give a new fresh touch to the red skirt outfit (H&M). Tell me what you think by leaving a comment. See you soon!

photos by Salomé



If you think that I was dressed up like this because I was going to a party, you’re wrong. I mean surely I could, but not this time. Here is a simple example of a Sunday outfit to go and grab some coffee with your friends and still be fashion but not too overdressed for the occasion. To be honest, I bought this H&M black lace dress couple of years ago and wore it twice, until now. It’s girlie, sassy and stylish as any “little black dress”. I matched it with my new Calzedonia tights and NineWest purse. As I said, not overdressed but good to go for a walk with my girls on a Sunday afternoon.

Tell me what do you think about it!


photos by Marina




Hi everybody! I celebrated my birthday couple of weeks ago and got this brilliant idea to make a shooting with my birthday outfit. Let me introduce you these simple and available for everybody pieces which rendered this look so sexy.

Dress – got it from New Look. But if you are going to look for the same dress you need to know that I customized it by removing the large straps on both shoulders. It’s more comfortable and sexier this way.

Knee tights – One of the best purchases from Asos. I’ve been wearing the knee high socks since I was in 5th grade. But having them with the tights is the best invention ever simply because they don’t go down!

Boots from Asos that I got last year are probably one of the fanciest ones in my dressing. Multicolor with high heels, they add a little bit of rock to my look.

Accessories – I’m wearing H&M choker.

Check below the link as well as the address of the studio where I had the shooting.

See you soon!

photos by Happy Days Studio

Address: 1bis rue Lemercier, 75017 Paris

Website http://www.happydaysstudioparis.com/



If you are following me and my daily outfit posts then you should guess that I’ve been into tulle clothes this winter. And what is curious about this is that I really LOVE how I find different combinations to match. Let’s take this pull with a Trouble Maker written on it and the tulle skirt both from Bershka. A little bit of rock&sassiness by adding a black choker (H&M), red Dior lipstick and the NineWest purse with a golden chain strap and of course the boots! These velour boots are my favorite ones from Asos. The color is changing depending on the light, they are actually bordeau but as you see on the pictures they turn into pink, violet and this is why I like them. If you’re a real fashionista you must have a pair of velour shoes for this season! Tell me what do you think about this outfit! How would you match a tulle skirt? Share you pictures! See you 🙂

photos by Salomé


Hello guys! I’m happy to share my experience of visiting Madrid for the first time. In this post I’ll give you some tips, ideas and addresses that might be useful for you if you’re ever planning on going to Madrid.

So to start with, it was the first time I was taking Transavia and I can say it’s ok if you’re flying in Europe, pretty comfortable for economy class!

FLYING TO Madrid via TransaviaI had this amazing view out of my window (I was staying at my friend’s appartment which was perfectly situated near the metro La Latina).

LA LATINA, MADRIDThe first thing to do was to go and grab some food because I was starving! We went to Mercado San Anton where I tasted tapas. This place was really fantastic as you could walk around, buy some food in the market and eat right there! Well, of course after having done the line as it’s pretty crowded during the meal time (the lunch time is between 14h and 16h, it was a hmmm….how to say, ..interesting lol).




IMG_20160505_231957And the olives are especially tasty as well as their famous olive oil!


Now that we have filled out bellies we can go visiting! The Plaza Mayor is a must-do as it’s one of the major squares of Madrid, one of the oldest and attractive. It kinda recalled me Dome Square of Florence and it was as much crowded by the tourists. What makes this square special is that right here during the reign of Felipe 2 there were public executions, crowning ceremonies, bullfights, and inquisition trials.

plaza mayor, MadridYou can walk, take some coffee in one of numerous cafés or take a funny picture with typical spanish dress only for 1 euro as I did.

spanish girl

Just next to Plaza Mayor there is another square – Puerta del Sol which is also attractive thanks to the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree.

The Bear and the Strawberry Tree

But not only! It’s a busy corner of Madrid with a lot of shops with typical spanish staff. Aaaamazing!

puerta del sol

el matadorspanish fan


Now we can go shopping! First at El Corte Inglès, then at the Gran Via – Madrid’s main avenue with a lot of boutiques and beautiful buildings.

H&M Madrid

El Corte Inglès, Madrid






After the shopping we were a bit exhausted and we decided to climb up the rooftop to have a coffee at the Gourmet Experience – the delicatessen food floor of the Corte Inglès with spanish shopping galleries.  You have this beautiful view of Madrid and it’s even better if you manage to get a table near the window so as you could have your coffee and enjoy the view!

El Corte Inglès


On our way back home we went to the museum of jamon and to one of the churches near the metro La Latina. In the latter it was really nice to walk as it was calm and quiet (no tourists at all, so no noise 🙂 ) and actually it was possible to stay alone with oneself for a little while.

музей хамона

музей хамона







That was all for today! Tired and exhausted we got home to get a rest and energy for the next day.

You can continue reading the next part in my next post.

See you !:)

Center map


I went to Madrid for almost 5 days to hang out with my friend Andrea. I met her in Paris last year but we built a close relationship fast, just as sisters so I was very happy to find her after 4 months!

IMG-20160505-WA0012We took this picture on a rooftop in Plaza Callao with a great view to Gran Via – the most important avenue of Madrid.

IMG-20160505-WA0011I don’t really need to describe how happy was I to meet her, do I? 🙂

IMG-20160507-WA0000We found some quite girlie things to do at Claire’s. Girl power 🙂

IMG_20160505_145209Even H&M at Gran Via is so “fashion”, so hard to pass by!

IMG-20160507-WA0037While I was posing hard, Christen was having fun on her side 🙂


I know this shooting is ridiculous, but it”s funny enough to share with you 🙂

IMG-20160507-WA0024With my friends Andrea and Christen at Palacio Real de Madrid. Thank you girls for having so much fun with you!

IMG-20160507-WA0057To finish this beautiful day we went to one of the tourists’ preferred place – San Gines. Here you can have a very special hot chocolate with churros. I haven’t had this kind of hot chocolate before so even now I remember how it tasted.

IMG-20160507-WA0053Even that there is a long line before San Gines, you MUST enter there and try this exceptional chocolate!

Center map