If you are following me and my daily outfit posts then you should guess that I’ve been into tulle clothes this winter. And what is curious about this is that I really LOVE how I find different combinations to match. Let’s take this pull with a Trouble Maker written on it and the tulle skirt both from Bershka. A little bit of rock&sassiness by adding a black choker (H&M), red Dior lipstick and the NineWest purse with a golden chain strap and of course the boots! These velour boots are my favorite ones from Asos. The color is changing depending on the light, they are actually bordeau but as you see on the pictures they turn into pink, violet and this is why I like them. If you’re a real fashionista you must have a pair of velour shoes for this season! Tell me what do you think about this outfit! How would you match a tulle skirt? Share you pictures! See you 🙂

photos by Salomé


Hi girls! Here is my “ready to go out” kit for today!

The last product that I’ve bought on this picture is the my Givenchy perfum – Live Irrésistible which is perfect for summer.

By the way this summer the nude shades are trendy as you might have noticed. Tell me girls what is your favourite make up essential for this summer?

Below the list of the items shown on this pic.


  1. Shoes from NineWest
  2. Make up bag from Chloé
  3. Watches from Lacoste
  4. Mascara Diorshow from Dior
  5. Lipstick from Dior
  6. Perfume from Givenchy Live Irrésistible
  7. Sunglasses from Sephora
  8. Nail varnish from Kiko


Hi Guys! I hope you’re all having a sunny Sunday! Today I’m going to show you my morning makeup essentials that I have tested on me and now I can recommend you.


  1. Before ever applying any make up on your face, don’t forget to moisture your skin with any hydrating cream. I’m using Hydrotempo Soin Hydrate 8h of Skin Minute. I trust any cosmetics of this brand as they contain 0% paraben and I’ve been using them since couple of years now.
  2. Once your skin is hydrated now you can go on with the foundation. I’m using Diorskin Nude of Dior as this glow and light foundation matches my skin at 100%. This is the best foundation that I’ve been ever used.
  3. Then I’m applying the Bronzing power from Sephora in order to contour a bit my face. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought Sephora makeup and still now it works rather good for me. Please note that if you want to make a light contouring it’d better to use a bronzing power rather than a cream (especially in summer!).
  4. Now we can go with the eyes! I have this Dior’s eyeshadow palette with light colors that I find classy and actually it can go with any outfit or style. Here comes my second Sephora makeup product – the eyeliner. It’s a waterproof liquid pencil eyeliner that I appreciate very much as it’s easy to apply, it stands the whole day and the one thing that I like most about it is that acually when you apply it, it doesn’t leave any prints on your eyelids. Perfect for me as I’ve been struggling with this with other eyeliners and pencils. I’m using as well Dior’s mascara Diorshow. I know, there are too many Dior products in my makeup, I’ll be soon posting about my Dior Essentials to show why I use their cosmetics in particular.
  5. Now the lips…There is a rule about the lips and the eyes: if you highlight your eyes (eyeliner, mascara – the basics + colorful eyeshadow), then no need to highlight as much the lips (you can skip well contoured dark red lips) as either your eyes or your lips must be accentuated, not both of them!).
  6. Once I’m done with my face, I apply on my skin my favourite Exsens Glam Oil which illuminates and makes it soften. Actually the scent is so delicous and sexy that sometimes I skip my perfume when I apply this oil.

Please leave your comments if you have any questions or remarks concerning any of above mentioned products! See you! Bisous


I went for shopping to “El Corte Inglès” with my friend Andrea in order to find a dress for her graduation party. Strolling over the floors we run on Sephora and why not try a quick make up to fresh up my face?

The assistant took a real good care of me as I liked my make up so much. Actually, I was so excited about it that I didn’t take the products names she applied on me. The foundation was perfect for me so I really need to find the same! So please, dear assistant, if you ever visit my blog, just leave a comment with the products’s names, porfi 🙂  “Querida asistente, si alguna vez visitas m blog, dejame un comentario con el nombre de los productos, por favor” 🙂




IMG-20160508-WA0013**YEAH BABY


P.S. not really happy with my hair on this picture but I’m sharing it anyway to show you the result 🙂


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