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    1. I’ve been lonokig for a post like this forever (and a day)

    2. Yeah, Windows 7 does perform better than Vista, but I’m not sure if it runs on hardware made for XP as well as XP would, eg my 5 year old laptop would run XP better than 7, though I used Linux on it until it eventually died. And you lucky Americans D: all government offices and schools still use XP here. I hate it

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    4. oh thank you for already doing the guess work! I have been working on the Monday missions on kitchenstewardship blog and wanted to try to make the broth with a crock pot. Her recipe calls for 4 qts of water and more ingredients so I knew I would have to change it. I will do things a little different but I at least have the two to compare and can’t wait to have chicken broth in the freezer and say goodbye to chicken bullion cubes! yeah!

    5. sabes donde están esos estudios José? en el mismo lugar donde están todos los estudios de los alternativos con “evidencia”, o sea en la imaginación de sus fabricantes, son estudios inventados por ellos mismos y que muchas veces solo dicen que EXISTEN y bueno sacan sus famosas anécdotas que hasta estas inventan!

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    7. NACHTRAG:ich dachte daß die Email-Adresse bei ausdrücklicher ‘Genehmigung’von Dir gezeigt wird; da ich nun ‘zufällig’ die neueren Kommentare, und somit auch meine(n) gefunden habe, schreib ich die hier mal mit dazu -für den Fall, daß mir dazu Jemand antworten möchte:> > (Wunschadresse bei ‘’)

    8. Äh avundsjuka människa som kommenterat! Om du hade möjligheten skulle du nog oxå ragga röster! Vore väl jättekul om Marika får vinna! Hoppas verkligen på er och har bett mina fb kompisar att rösta<3 lycka till! Mamma C

    9. Wow – 7! I am even more impressed. I would say that you would deserve some major retail therapy for that, except I can't see how you would fit it in.Would love to go – but sadly I think it is always going to clash with family holidays for the next few years.

    10. Det varmer i hjertet av å se et slikt bilde, og jeg minnes selv tiden da mine to små var nyfødte!En utrooolig følelse :)Ha en nyyydelig helg med dine kjære!Klem fra Nina

    11. The tart looks absolutely delicious.Unfortunatelly I live in a country where fresh Thai coconut is not available. Can I take coconut meat from ripe coconut instead?

    12. I plan to go to Paris at some point in my life, especially Disney Land. Sounds like you had a great time, very memorable. A well deserved break, minus kids!CJ xx

    13. Milikito4 noviembre, 2008Aunque no es de mi agrado este grupo esta bien que los grupos españoles de “seudorock” se vayan poniendo un poco las pilas. Esperemos que a parte de los triunfitos pues haya más repertorio de música española.

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    15. Du verden som du styre på.80 tulipaner e søren meg ikkje lite , men du verden som det lyse opp på. Nå fekk eg tips der om at tulipanene ska ha lite vatn, e ikkje alt ein kan få med seg eller ka?Dei skålene te Black Design e råtøffe, og dessuten e dei jo i flere fargar o. Eg o vurdere den serien, men tenkte eg sko venta te me flytte og se ka som passe inn, ikkje at eg e så opptatt av det akkurat.

    16. The Cooking BrideThanks Susan! I have a batch of fridge pickles curing right now. Still going to give them another week and see how they compare.

    17. …where's Whiskey?"Lesbian women hate, hate hate Beta males. Lesbians can only envy the natural female desire for the Alpha badboy while the hardworking male beta chump and kitchen bitch is an object of their contempt.I realized this one day while watching a rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with one of my imaginary friends and we both agreed that all women, even lesbians, basically love Bad Boys who ride motorcycle, are unemployed and have tattoos.*sigh*"

    18. "un mondo morente che non ci ha mai dato la felicità". Frase semplicissima, con vena poetica che mi ha colpito molto. L'uomo vuole essere semplicemente felice, nel suo intimo se ne frega del potere, del possesso e di tutte le miriadi di cretinate per cui ci preoccupiamo ogni giorno.E' triste la condizione umana, i momenti di felicità non mancano, ma quasi sempre sono temporanei e rarissimamente puri e liberi.Qualcuno ascolta questo richiamo di dolore proveniente da tutto il mondo? C'è nessuno? Non vogliamo messia, nuove religioni, ma amore e libertÃ

    19. Aliás, nem é preciso ir para a PIDE. A mera polícia que ainda temos também tem hábitos de cortar a cabeça a ciganos. Em matéria de chuis sempre estivemos mal servidos.

    20. Gracias Eva. ¡Qué rápida eres leyendo! Acabo de publicar el Post.La verdad es que lo destacado en negrita es como decir “si bebes, no conduzcas”. Lo que pasa es que a veces se nos pasan las cosas más básicas, porque estamos tan metidos en medio de los datos que no pensamos en lo esencial.

    21. dude i completed the keep your friends close mission when my gta vc was 56% completed…..ppl say that its the last mission but my gta was only 56% completed when i did that could it be the last mission……i alos bought all the houses and shops and asset them all…i also bought all the componys and asset them all but i still just went to 64% completion…..damn…how do u complete this game…is there any cheat to get more missions

    22. Ok so Im ALMOST done with “Destiny’s Path” Because I got it on my itouch Barnes and Noble eReader and its REALLY good. Yeah I like ALMOST as much as “The faerie Path”….its a close call. Keep Up the good work!!!!!!!!!! I have been letting my friends read “The Faerie Path” and “The Warrior Princess” but I told them, that they have to buy 2-5 so that u sell lots. lol.

    23. Hi my dear-you have such an amazing eye for all things vintage, just adore your dressing table and all the pieces you've found to fill it!! Love your red phone, we had the ivory colour version, which is now sadly long gone!! xx

    24. Pablo – Atelier Manoel Nascimento wrote.. Oh….my….the white one is simply MARVELLOUS!!!!! You looked like a white princess…rsss…and the Headpiece…wow…kisses…Pablo Tomelin – Atelier Manoel Nascimento – Brazil

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    26. Sarah — so good. Question for you. What were some of the “ground rules” that you established for fighting while you lived in community? I’m just curious. Thinking of writing a post about it.

    27. Invece a me hanno rubato da un c/c on-line tramite ricariche telefoniche € 715,00… non ho comunicato a nessuno le varie pwd e non ho abboccato a nessuna mail dove mi si chiedeva di comunicare i miei dati di c/c (phishing), sono anni che opero con le home banking sopratutto per lavoro e non sono una sprovveduta…… ma porca miseria… ma come è possibile???? probabilmente da quanto ho capito nn rivedrò mai più questi soldi….

    28. I also do not see any discord between the Cross and Star of David in the USA, where 50 million born again christians wait for the repture and support every whim of the zionists. Nazism = fascism = zionism!!How long will these “lectures” by Prof. Ellis will go on, his comments are insults to many germans who had nothing to do with WWII and the nazis, like 95% of the population.

    29. Looking at the pitch/fx data from last nights game, and only counting pitches that were out of the zone horizontally (and not vertically), Red Sox pitchers had 7 pitches out of the zone called for strikes. Rays pitchers had ONE.

    30. Et les commentateurs diront : ” Puisque les gens savaient, pourquoi n’ont-ils rien fait ? “Rédigé par : Martin | le 29 août 2009 à 16:07 Les gens ne font rien, Martin, parce qu’ils n’ont pas rencontré le BON TABLEAU.C’est ce que doit penser « Quitte mon radeau » si j’en crois son post de 16:21.

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    32. Esta questão veio á liça quando da discussão do salário mínimo.Sabem,”…se há desemprego,baixo o salário mínimo,se há desemprego,baixo o salário minimo…” e eu disse que isso só é possível em ditadura, como se viu no Chile.Como se está a ver agora e aqui com as greves, as pessoas em democracia fazem exercer os seus direitos.Apontei tambem o exemplo dos 25% de desemprego em Espanha com Soarez e Aznar,sem convulsões sociais graças a uma bem implementada política social de apoio aos desempregados. O que só acontece em democracia.É só comparar com as prisões e os assassinatos no Chile!.

    33. Prior to antibiotics and such, many Europeans died of infectious diseases too. Inded, large chunks of Africa have more access to modern medicine through international aid(and other means)than much of the West even 100 yrs ago. But for centuries, whites kept making progress. Bubonic plague wiped out 1/3 of Europeans, but that didn't stop whites from making progress.

    34. Je sais pas, je vous dis, je suis en déni ? mort ! Mais vous avez raison c’est vraissemblablement la même nénette qui fait frétiller les collègues masculins. Et encore, j’ai pas regardé God TV…

    35. Becky I'm so happy for your JOY. My joy this Sunday is the same, my daughter and her new husband return from their honeymoon today and begin the rest of their lives together! We are so lucky!JOYSusanHomeroad

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    37. August 19, 2012 at 8:00 pmyes! I finally found a routine that is perfect for this song. thanks for sharing:) I will definitley copy/steal this, too but will give justice to it for you!:) Thank you. You are awsome!;)

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    40. Yeah I am pretty broad with this one, it’s easy to be right and wrong on 1000 different points I suppose. It was mostly in response to the radio arguments that I hear about how spending can’t possibly work. Smart grid for power would be a dream come true.

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    45. Nik if only you were around during the time of Johnson and Nixon you could have stopped them before they did some real damage with your website

    46. Vou aceitar a sugestão: “desporto por desporto…” e começar a visitar este espaço, se me permitem. Já agora o SIADAP aplicado aos políticos? Gostava de ver uma lista dos objectivos individuais desta classe!

    47. Like you we moved south in search of warmer weather. Like you we what we found was colder. And, like you we have a huge woodpile.We also have the most spectacular sunsets almost every day….

    48. Hey there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    49. Haha, frankly I’m amazed that anyone – even you, dad – read this post in its entirety. It’s probably the most boring thing I’ve ever written and I just meant it as a test to see if markup codes and arabic would work without breaking the page.

    50. He will humble the proud and exalt the humble. it is a time of mourning that our nation has chosen the shedding of innocent blood and homosexuality over righteousness. but as the passage above says God must allow the will of the people for a season so He can purge the land. revival is coming. in Christ our Lord!

    51. I hope if they do include some semblance of THE shower scene that it includes ripping the goddamn shower curtain right off the rings and they demolish half the bathroom trying to get to the bed. Hey! I don’t ask for much.   1 likes

    52. Ich würde mal mit einiger Wahrscheinlichkeit auf BNC tippen. (vermutlich zur Verbindung Grafikkarte => Video-Komponenten- oder RGB-Eingang AVR; bei höherwertigen Geräten findet man da durchaus des öfteren auch BNC-Buchsen.Jörg

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    57. babyboopie those words are not mine, they are erykah’s, she’s already answered these questions… no need for me too…HAY nutty netty, i miss u over at the other place… (smile)

    58. The "next event" lab should allow you to either choose which calendar it is displaying or display for all visible calendars (using only one window in both cases). I don't really use my default calendar only my work and school calendars so the lab is useless. =[

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    61. Hello. I loved browsing through all the patterns. I crochet and was interested in the kitty bath mitt. You say there are crochet directions but couldn’t find them. Would you kindly advise. Would also love to find some other animal bath mitts if you might know where to look. Thanks. Blessigns, Mama Cat

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    65. Hej Louise,Hvordan er din første dag gået?Det er svært at svare på, men umiddelbart tror jeg, det er ok. Hvis du senere synes, at vægttabet går for langsomt, kan du jo bare prøve at bruge nogle bønner uden sukker i saucen.Hilsen Sanne

    66. I so like the question you’ve raised here–a subtle difference that makes a big difference. I briefly worked at home as a counselor when my boys were in grade school. I bribed them to be quiet and I’m afraid that was the extent of my sharing my entrapreneurness at the time. However, as they grew older, I believe I did share how much I valued my work, and they also had occasions to see that others had benefitted from it as well. Since my younger son is now a counselor himself who works in his home, evidently I modeled something that that reflected the worth and satisfaction of my work.

    67. Heisan SølviSå flotte juletre og stjerne-girlandere du hekler! En annerledes variant til vimpler!Selvfølgelig hiver jeg meg med på denne trekningen!Tusen takk for koselig kommentar og award. Jeg sendte deg akkurat en formiddagsmail.Så nydelige Bergens-bilder! Nesten så jeg må vise min mann bergenseren disse!Ha en glad dag!Klem fra Kaspara

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    71. Yay! They turned out so cute!(This was an idea from some cool website. I used it for my kids’ Mother’s Day presents and they held a fake flower for their mom. )

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    74. We do have the cast page to help us keep things straight hahah!Well, this is technically a bonus update, so it’s not really delaying the comic… more like offering magazines in a waiting room *laughs*

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    76. Pues a mi no me parece tan humorístico. Creo que se trata de un post serio, no exento de ironía, del amigo Almonacid, en el que para no variar dice verdades como puños.

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    82. Look, I can’t be bothered to get outraged by the TSA… I’m too busy obsessing over who Snookie is dating, Chaz Bono being on DWTS, and reading how people are saying mean things about convicted felon Chris Brown.

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    86. she needed to wipe my face (I guess I had drooled or had a cold or something). I think I remember her telling me to get a wet wash cloth. I guess that was the sleepiness talking. I went in the bathroom and came back, and my mom took it, hesitated, and then said, “How did you get this wet?” I replied proudly, “I put it in the pee-pee water!”

    87. Well ladies I can feel the summer sweet heat coming of those gorgeous flowers. I feel like if I looked out my window I would see many of the same flowers…no that bubble has burst and we are still in winter

    88. Ich kenne die Insel zu jeder Jahreszeit. Oktober ist mein absoluter Reise-Lieblingsmonat! März-Mai ist auch super. Nur Juli und August sollte man wirklich meiden, wenn man das ruhige und unberührte Mallorca entdecken will.

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    90. Every thing you mentioned describes life in Lithuania, Latvia, and I am told Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus. Must be something to do with the old Commonwealth.Luckily, the art in my flat is actually quite good, as it was done by a cousin who is in fact one of the leading professional artists in the country, or so he says.

    91. I think you have a good handle on it Ellen. What you called “church-generated doctrine” I refer to as “manmade doctrines,” or as Jesus referred to them, “the traditions of men.” God gives the “doctrine” (the word simply means “the teaching”) through His Word – people are really incapable of doing anything to add to it or improve upon it.

    92. Sooo cute – this post will be fun to come back to when she's older !! I love her cheeky grin !!Dhruv's fav is listening to things he used to say as a baby ;-)And Anush's photo on the sidebar – very nice !!

    93. on the Jewish new year in Sept 2011 was ” Be prepared to see what you never thought you would live to see. The age of innocence has passed” He showed me the church as broken silo’s spilling grain and having mice play in the grain. He then said with a very serious and booming voice “I will NOT have MY precious grain stored in that!” Then revealed brand new silo’s that shone in the sun. (anyone who knows about farming knows how rare it is to have new silo’s….almost never herd of)

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    101. Seydi preciosa, Mil gracias por tus comentarios cada semana, me retroalimentan mucho! Sé que mucha gente me escucha, pero tú eres constante en escribir tus impresiones, de verdad, mil gracias! Te quiero!!

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    104. Sis, saya baru balik ber-backpacking last week dengan husband (4-10/6/2012). Siap pergi Jeju!! Many thanks to you. Sangat bermanfaat utk kami 🙂

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    106. “it is adopting Singapore-produced textbooks for some of its schools today”Errr…I have seen this in so many places in Singapore. It must be some source of pride. But I was under the impression that it was just one or two books that were added to the list of approved books in California. In the US, individual schools choose their own books from a huge list of approved ones. So I’m quite curious to know, out of tens of thousands of school districts in the US, how many of them are actually using a Singapore book?

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    108. Tam: además ponele que la tarjeta cuesta $150, capaz que algunos no puedan pagar tanto y ponen menos plata entre varios y hacen un lindo regalo. Si tomamos el precio de la tarjeta como un regalo, es injusto o incorrecto que te digan cuánto gastar.Ene: puede ser, pero a mí no me daría la cara para pedir que paguen la entrada. De cualquier manera te digo lo mismo que a Tam.Saludos!

    109. I was a bit confused that the recipe did not call for proofing the active yeast, so I substituted a slightly smaller amount of instant yeast. As a result, the first rise took about 90 minutes. 25 oz flour + 18 oz buttermilk gave a good amount for our springform pan.

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    112. Great idea… and I'm sure I've been seeing some higher quality in some videos recently… but I don't see any reason to be so vague on how to actually take advantage of this…

    113. I dag har det vært fantastisk her ogsÃ¥, gikk en lang tur med hunden i sola. Tenk hvilken vidunderlig tid vi har i møte…..Nydelige bilder.

    114. Danielj,None of these things comes from Judaism. There is nothing in Judaic law resembling the absurd rules adopted by US tort law. In fact, and this is my point, there is nothing in classical Judaism that can be even remotely be connected with the type of ideology you seem to believe is genetically coded into any Jew.VI

    115. Concordo em absoluto com a sua crónica/análise.Aliás a referência extemporânea por parte de JF ao objectivo europeu deixou-me altamente perplexo. Mas, como em tudo, à 1ª vitória a bandeira sobe ao arco.Acho muito avisado e prudente a sua postura de "retranca" cujo objectivo creio ser o evitar as grandes desilusões. E aí o queimar na fogueira dos jovens bombeiros.SL

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    9. BTW, one of the most painful things for me as a kid was to be invited to swim at the country club my cousins belonged to (anybody here from San Jose Country Club?) and to find that the only time I saw black people was when they were cleaning or serving. I finally quit going with them, but I knew better than to say anything.I wish I could say those days were over, but while my son was at the College of William and Mary the same color divide was *huge* and painfully obvious.

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    12. What i have found though is that mostly effusive enthusiasm and sense of purpose is enough to make people question their own “normal” before they start to apply it to my dreams. Lately victoria has been having conversations witwh strangers (at parks, the store, etc.) about our dream. It seems that most of them are thinking of joining us before they part ways. My take, intentional, purposeful living has a magnetic force. FWIW, I am really enjoying following your journey. Keep the posts flowing.

    13. Oi…Minha bebe tem 4 meses e comecei a introduzir a papinha salgada, porem ela não quer de jeito nenhum. Ela mama nan desde que saiu da maternidade pois não tive leite. O que vc acha q devo fazer, será que dou a papinha e logo em seguida a mamadeira. Fico com muita dó dela pois vejo que sente fome só com a papinha, pq ela nã come direito.

    14. i guess it largely depends on the type of agency, but in my experience good cd’s are made up of the following parts20% party starter10% defender of the people (in the creative team)5% political climber5% dictator10% media sponge50% ideas fountainWhat do you reckon

    15. , I do enjoy the surly, hungover Long Duk Dong at the end of the movie. It’s not much, but it does signal a certain amount of frustration with his host family and needing to keep up appearances (of a sort). In MY “director’s cut”, we would find out after the credits that Dong speaks perfect English and is scamming people, Borat-style, and getting free room and board to boot. Cut! Print!

    16. Non, t as soeur a encore pas vu le film…voui voui!Et non j'avais même po vu mon kdo en avance!Tes créations sont toujours aussi belles…ça donne envie…mais là peux plus rivaliser, suis dépassée! Mdrbécouille ma soeur

    17. Filip Tvrdý má na svém blogu článek o vÄ›dcích a jejich názorech na Boha. Moc pÄ›knýZ článku: Nejvíc se mi asi líbila odpověď Petera Atkinse, jehož formulace se vyznačuje elegancí i důrazností: In part because there is…SamozÅ™ejmÄ›, že není žádný důkaz, že existuje Bůh. Je to tedy důkaz, že Bůh neexistuje?….Moreover, the horrors of the world, both personal and societal, do not convince me that the creation is an act of infinite benevolence….Ano je to hnus, takhle vypadá svÄ›t bez Boha. ChtÄ›li jsme nÄ›co jiného?

    18. He’s had a completely shaved head a couple times, only once since we’ve been married. It’s a little too much work to keep it shaved bald, I like him with a little hair but these were pre-courtship days. 🙂

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    20. Oh Kate! I’m sitting at my desk giggling! I remember you driving us to that party where folks kept getting in the clothes dryers and seeing how many rounds they could go before getting sick.Good times.Congrats on Tom walking! He’s a cutie!

    21. I remember the HIGH of being Baptized. I carried it for months. It was joyous beyond measure. You know some people renew their marriage vows. I would love to re-baptized every year. I know you all must be feeling it with her. Can I just stand next to you and get it by Osmosis. Praise be to God!

    22. I can imagine a society in which success is defined by what you did, and particularly what you did for other people, rather than by what you owned. Perhaps someday…

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    27. some of them.) You may note that my commenting on various blogs has ceased. All I am trying to do with this post is correct some of the misconceptions that are out there. We are trying to do that on SBC Today with honest, respectful, and Christian dialogue. It is my continued prayer that this will occur and satan will not gain a foothold in the fellowship we should have.I thank you for your respectful comment and question.God Bless

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    31. et Tueursnet : je recopie ci-dessous le commentaire qui a disparu et auquel j’avais répondu.S’il est à nouveau supprimé, j’interromps sur-le-champ Le Chasse-clou.

    32. , “I geek about this stuff partly because it’s fascinating and partly because geeking about it increases the chances that somebody will be able to help parse things if I become unintelligible in extremis or something.”

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    34. Prabhu: Vennai! I don’t claim to be knowledgable. But I am amazed that you could NOT pick out that the particular reference to Rani and Vasundhara was playful exaggeration! But I cannot forgive him for that bite! Dude, that was gross!

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    38. why are you people outraged over false conspiracies about obama and bush and bin laden when there are real problems that everyone agrees on to be outraged about. It doesn’t matter if Bin Laden is dead or alive, if he’s holed away in a cave, and, if saleema is right, is in contact with less then 5 people, he is not doing much damage.

    39. China and Korea have provided similar TK databases which are online and freely accessible. Maybe CSIR is trying to work in a similar manner w.r.t making it available free of cost. [Just that unlike Korea and China who have not imposed any restrictions on the people who can access the database, TKDL access is available only for Patent Offices and not everyone.]

    40. mesti berhantu jalan nie nanti…sape yang lalu jalan 2 paham2 la…“bang adik nak tompang blh???”hhahhahahape pown takziah kpd ahli keluarga yang telibat dalam kemalangan yang mengerikan ini…al-fatihah

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    42. Such a great idea, thanks for sharing. I was excited to read that you have taught at HOOT. I have attended it many times and have been painting for years. I am so glad to find your blog, it has inspired me to “get painting” again I hope to share some of my work on my blog soon!

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    47. Cool – I fit the requirements where do I sign up – I am sooo in need of a decent camera and lenses – thousands of dollars in 4×5 and no time or materials to process. Hmmm maybe a 4×5 digital back – right! Then again maybe one day film will make a come back.

    48. The volume of their whining is proof that they are being hurt when the President and others stay away.It’s just funny to hear them say that the President is hurt by avoiding Fox. If they really believed that they would keep their mouths shut and let the President be hurt. Clearly it is they who are hurting and so they escalate their bitching.

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    51. 107о, кстати, я как–то видел по телеку негров, которые умеют выпучивать глаза за пределы век!ну это все видели, наверное

    52. K tomu slovu “auroseptik”: to jsem psal já a byl to částečnÄ› pÅ™eklep a částěčnÄ› slovní hříčka. SprávnÄ› mÄ›lo být euroseptik. Vím, že se nazýváte eurosKeptiky, ale jak čtu názory lidí, kteří sami sebe tak oaznačují, dospÄ›l jsem k názoru, že to písmeno K lze klidnÄ› vynechat. Víte pÅ™ece, co je to septik, že?

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    57. Ah ben c’est pour ça qu’elle est livide sur l »affiche Timeless, franchement Mylène faut te mettre un peu au soleil. ça sert à quoi de t’acheter une villa en corse avec nos sous sinon ? lol  MONKEY

    58. Make that three bloggers Griz, I didn´t call it a Golden Triangle without reason and I am glad more and more bloggers are catching up on that!I checked but your former comment has been lost in cyberspace, but I really appreciate you took the time to re-comment and offer you helping hand

    59. It does my heart good to know how much closer you and Randy are now. I can remember when you were planning on leaving. :(Of course, I will continue to pray for your marriage. :)((Hugs))LauraP.S. Love the rec room and all the stuff!

    60. Dear YouTube,Please increase the horribly limiting runtime limit on uploads and concentrate later on offering formats that no one will be able to view.Sincerely,The director of a 12:30min film that he'd really like to put on YouTube.


    62. Hi Craig. Thanks for coming by. To echo the point I made on your own blog, I feel you are right that Google have a fight on their hands for all the reasons you suggest.rnrnHowever Google Instant, to me, has little to do with that fight. Social Search, Real time search, Google Me and Caffeine have much more to do with that fight. Instant is just an incremental improvement (probably!) in Google’s best known service.

    63. Jacques C.Chevaux est le pluriel de chevalJe me pose une question : Vous connaissez j’en suis sûr cette huitre appelée « pied de cheval ». Que doit-on dire quand il y en a plusieurs (mettons une douzaine) ?Pieds de chevaux ?

    64. I'm more impressed with the technique of the Socialist Police…"we don't carry guns, must find gun", "helicopter? what's that?" "OK, let's drive there…must not exceed speed limit", "boat? where is boat?". When push comes to shove, I don't think these Red Clowns are going to be that difficult to take down.

    65. I totally saw your laser-cut basket… sitting by it’s lonesome in a dingy basement. Not to worry though, I’ll bring your blue beauty back to life very soon!


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    69. Welcome home Tim, thanks for sharing these links–don’t have time to check today, but have some “fun” to look forward tomorrow when the work schedule is lighter.

    70. LdA, concordo com a falta de um "31" mais ainda do que a de um ala, principalmente após o "upgrade" do Pereirinha.Deste plantel irá ainda sair pelo menos um guarda-redes e um lateral (JGonçalves/Arias/Pereirinha).

    71. I took my husband's name when we married. Despite telling people, "It's pronounced how it looks," everyone gets it wrong. They can't spell it either. But at least I moved up in the alphabet.

    72. Moran , will end up in the slammer…just like FITZPATRICK.does any one remember fitzpatrick trying to arrest the grand jury foreman in Tennessee? He was sentenced to 6 months in the can

    73. Tribune, přesně stejný dojem jsem měl z Klausových slov. A ještě když si k tomu přidám slovíčkaření, jaké předvedl před časem, že on žádné ničení planety nevidí, tak mám dojem, že už sám si moc není jistý tím co má prosazovat.

    74. In my opinion, a better name for this video would have been “When Anime Fandom Goes Too Far,” but everyone outside of Japan already knows about otaku and people that write horrid fan fiction. Arlong from One Piece making a cameo in this video made my night.

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    76. : C’est tout simplement faux, les historiques sont toujours là (c’est un des rares points positifs de Wikipédia), le créateur de l’instinctothérapie a eu un comportement irréprochable jusqu’au bout, c’est à dire quand il a du subir un autentique « procès kafkaien » qui a abouti à son exclusion. Encore une fois vérifiez, est-ce si difficile que ça ou préférez-vous penser avec des clichés ?

    77. I like the last probably accidental phrase – people of the River. Perhaps it should be used often as “People of the River” – a set of people who live with this “strong brown god” that dominates, defines, and is this nation’s spine. We who live near its banks are indeed “The People of the River.”

    78. Mr. Wooding, sir, that is great news as I have greatly enjoyed the crew of the Ketty Jay’s first two adventures. You have had me laughing out loud when it came to Slag and Harkins. I will await the arrival of your endeavor. I do hope it won’t be too long. I thank you for the adventure you have given me!!

    79. Yup. Oleh karena itu, semoga kita mampu membangun keluarga yang harmonis sehingga anak-anak dapat tumbuh dan berkembang dengan baik, termasuk dalam kecerdasannya. (Ohya, mengenai panggilan tidak masalah, Mbak, hehe… ^_^)

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    58. You are so right Moon- we are all so different. Most of the time I feel like we can live label-free and then I come to a screeching halt other days. I guess that is living, right? I will keep everyone posted on the book and thank you for such kind and beautiful words. Best- Jen

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    102. Great article, Doug! As a sex-crimes prosecutor myself, I saw and had to fight “the CSI effect” in almost every trial I I handled. Juries came to the courtroom with unrealistically high expectations because of what they’d seen on TV. I called more experts to the stand to explain why there weren’t any fingerprints on a gun than I ever did to testify about a match.

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    121. Hey Anon, we live in California. It's over 100 degrees here most days. I think the fact that she's wearing more than a bathing suit is both admirable and an exercise in modesty.

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    131. Anon 12:52, you hit your head somewhere didn’t you. Now go sit the hell down, please and play with your Hillary doll in the corner.Your hate is showing big time.

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    134. May 14, 2011 at 3:54 pmI thought of you when I visited the Outer Banks, NC a couple of weeks ago. I got up early to see the sunrise and the sheer beauty of the ocean/horizon brought tears to my eyes. Then I noticed a couple of surfers and thought, “Man, Srini gets to see this all the time!” Reply

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    139. I really need to say that I think I made a mistake here by placing “UP!” at number 9. Maybe it was because it was the first great film I saw this year that I let its memory fade slightly, but it definitely deserved to crack the top 5. So UP 5, An Education 6.

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    141. Simplesmente FODA o episódio, galera! Sou jornalista e pirei ao ouvir como funciona “por dentro” da produção de um programa nesse estilo. O Descontrole é sensacional, continuem com os casts incríveis.Beijão, @cassita

    142. I have a formal dining and a breakfast nook. In my formal dining room, I have a solid wood honking table with no leaves…got that bad boy on clearance from Pier One. In my old house, my breakfast nook was too small for my large kitchen table, so I stored my leaf on top of my bedroom armoire…it has a high top so you couldn’t see it. Under the bed works great too. Now, my breakfast nook is big enough, so I just keep the leaf in. Both my tables seat 8 and are about the smae length.

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    144. God I was going to diet but realized that I really only need to knock the sausage off my pizza, brush my teeth comb hair. Perfection!! If not I am still OK. Thanks Christina. jb

    145. Such a fabulous idea. I looked at those bags in Hobby Craft and wondered what could be done with them and now you have given the answer – wow, your lace elements are beautiful and the images are lovely – I wish I had 10% of your ideas Paula, they are wonderful. Anne x

    146. LOVE THIS! Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we were all about crabs/crab cakes! I’m not a food snob but, when it comes to crab cakes I am. I will be making this recipe this weekend. IN the meantime, enjoy my blog. My post from today features and awesome hot lump crab dip!

    147. अश्वनी जी, थोडा सा धैर्य रखिये….आने वाला शनिवार आपके नाम का है. फ़िल्मी जुबान में बोले तो "जो एक बार हमने कमिटमेंट कर दिया तो कर दिया…." 🙂 अब तो मुस्कुरा दीजिए

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    153. What a delight it was for me to stumble upon your blog last night, Genevieve! I was your camp counselor very long ago 🙂 You have a beautiful family. I hear of your family every once in awhile through our mutual friend, Sarah Thacker. Sorry about the biting! That's no fun. I nursed my 3 little ones for 2 years each, and I've definitely experienced my share of that!Martha Erickson

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    155. Shortstop Red stool is my lust after stool. So divine! To match it I could not go past the Tablebox to store the endless supply of dolls, cars, books and everything else I seem to trip over and pick up on a daily basis.

    156. Lucky, lucky, lucky.I’m thinking 2 femoral arteries + much else in that region…The man is lucky,that his last concious thought wasn’t: “oh shit, I’m going to bleed ou….”Heck, he might have fainted and THEN bled out from even what he had.

    157. That’s right..who was supposed to know they would lose 40% of their life savings (equity) when the banksters trashed the market. I am still paying my underwater mortgage but it is like throwing money in a garbage pail just so I can pay the taxes and be a maintenance man! Yippee…the american dream is dead.

    158. LOL!!! You know, J, I think your idea of a forum is superb! (You mentioned this way back when…) That way, when the blogger owner needs to rest, the rest of us can continue lifting each other up and consoling one another. Three of my favorite bloggers have taken a leave of absence from this arena – and they have left me not a little bit bereft. Maybe God is saying it’s time to get away from the computer and spend that time with Him.Of course, if the rapture has occured, I guess it’s time to head to the mountains! I wonder if God will give the same protection if we go to the beach? 8)

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    2. Laughed out loud. Doubt that Jon comes up when you Google Sonny! But, I would like to hear the two of you sing–perhaps, "It Ain't Me Babe"Oh, and the dress turned out well.

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    4. Sultan, since you brought the story of Comedy Central's censorship of South Park and Muhammad, how about the story in Honest Reporting which is picked up by Haaretz of all the papers about the new game I.S.R.A.E.L. the child killer robbot and the "Jew producer"? If you can't rant against muslims the Jews are a quiet scapegoat, no beheading there.

    5. Kass, roze, pomyslalam ze to nieozliwe, ale tak to jest zima 🙂 Teraz jak sobie czytam te komentarze to zaluje, ze nie oglosilam akcji foremkowej na blogu, ale co tam, przeciez mozna ja powtorzyc!Anoushka, nie wierze! Ty tez nie uwierzysz, ze mam cale 5 szt passiflory, jutro bedzie Twoje ciacho :-), dziekuje i ode zachwycac sie do Ciebie… :)Pozdrwawiam wszystkich cieplo!

    6. continue with the the good work on the blog. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but iÂ’m quite sure that you got more or better things to do , hehe. =p

    7. That jumpsuit is the cat's whiskers, and it looks like it was made for you! And can I just say, you absolutely ROCK hotpants! I so look forward to reading your blog and looking at your photos, you are an inspiration. Big hugs, lovely lady, Em xxx

    8. scrive:malgrado lui facesse il minchione, ho notato alcune cose interessanti nel video, l’estate non è ancora finita, c’è tempo.PS: per essere una specie di video rap, le ragazze sono tutte molto vestite, non so se sia una scelta dell’artista o sia un costume locale, ma ho gradito parecchio non vedere tette all’aria per una volta…

    9. Hehehe… this is too funny I actually CAN’T sleep in the nude, because it totally freaks me out. Since living alone though, I always walk to and from the shower in my birthday suit… and I like it <3 Tat

    10. unclelarry, holy cow is exactly what I was thinking. That floor looked like someone puked after a night of drinking. I realize that cows are left out to pasture but are they never checked on? There’s a herd of black cows outside my bedroon window. I can’t check them for lumps tho cause they’re not mine.

    11. We made these tonight and they are yummy! The texture is wonderful. I will add a bit more spice next time. Not quite as flavorful as we’d like, but still really good.[]

    12. comentou em 10 de abril de 2012 às 10:29. Nathalia,dá uma olhadinha no nosso arquivo de manuais nos álbuns de fotos do facebook Petiscos, temos certeza de que vc encontrará um perfeito para a ocasião! Bj!

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    16. rocktellme / I’m so glad David did a showcase live in Singapore.Lots of fans waiting for him there! And the venue was Avalon!!! Love the intimate atmosphere. Would love to see him sing on such a up-close stage some day! Thanks for sharing great photos:)

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    30. Bonjour Serge, merci pour le conseil. Quand tu dis qu’il a changé ta vie, tu peux nous dire plus précisément ce que tu as réalisé ?Il y a aussi un livre très connu de Buffet, Snowball je crois. Tu l’as lu ?

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    33. Kurtz' lament that the issue was never taken up by the mainstream press is poignant in light of NRO's insistence on ignoring Cashill's book on Ayers' authorship of "Dreams From My Father," and the bizarre NRO articles actually maligning Sheriff Arpaio and the MCSO cold case posse's findings.

    34. Que bonitas estás habitaciones tb!!!Pués la verdad es que no tengo mucho tiempo, la idea es de dos días en Florencia, un día en Venecia (tengo entendido que es carísimo) y 3 días en Roma.Me gustaría ver lo más significativo, no creo que me quede tiempo para mucho más, en lo que estoy un poco más perdida es en el tema del alojamiento y la comida…la verdad.

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    46. “principy ekonomie mozno platia vsade rovnako, no mentalita ludi, chut pracovat, socialny system, alebo nastavenie odvodovo danoveho systemu je vsade ine. preto porovnavas jablka s hruskami. vypichnut jeden fakt, ako kdesi cosi nezabralo a predpokladat, ze u nas to dopadne rovnako, je len tipovanie, nic viac.”-takze Archimedov zakon funguje inac v GB ako na Svk ? 😉

    47. I have often found that liberals are the most intolerant, hate-filled, angry, violent, bitter people that I have ever encountered, all the time they are laying claim to being the ones who are "tolerant" and "accepting" and "compassionate". Yet they practice the reverse.Please. Spare me the martyrdom.Beck is as much of a smarmy jerk as Olberman. I hate both of them (along with Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) because they poison public discourse.Watch Charlie Rose on PBS instead of those clowns.

    48. I know–I didn’t think the four-year-old thing was off the charts, MH-style “this is why everyone is an asshat/A lambo on snow tires means you’re a loser” type of dangerous.

    49. The proper answer is that it's impossible barring some ridulously contrived deus ex machina, like a direct nuclear strike on a reactor. See three mile island for reference.

    50. OK George, what about if you leave a church because you have an impressionable middle school girl, and your church has no middle school program, other than mixing with the High Schoolers? Enjoyed your comments. My feeling is “the church body” is the entire Christian community. At various points in you life, you might be led to another church, but you never leave “the body.”

    51. Just seeing the old car makes it feel vintage to me. I think a texture or even black n white would give it a great finish. Just my thoughts. Its a great shot!

    52. Q máximo!! Volto a Londontown e irei ao Regent Park e Zoo e qual seria este bairro?..O London eye eu deixo a vc…not my cup of tea…rsssAmo qdo vc comenta querida!!bjsc

    53. ’twas marvellous indeed… thanks for posting this. I was a couple of rows behind you. I think there was a collective goosebump moment throughout the whole place during Randall Knife. Great venue…hope to make it up there again someday.

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    60. Hey there Mike,I tried……but seems the the young resilient nutters I know are not yet ready to out themselves at an age when their peers can be so mean. Keep doing what you do. An avid believer.

    61. Jeg læser din blog, fordi du skriver om ting jeg kan relatere til og som interessere mig.Jeg elsker, at du skriver om alt mellem himmel og jord. Ikke kun mode, mad eller noget helt andet.Jeg elsker også, at du virker så ærlig og din blog er meget personlig

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    65. Wow. Women's hair emmits rays that drive men insane? Immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes? Sounds kind of cool in a Jim Morrison kind of way. Except these folks are serious. You would think that after centuries of forcing women to dress this way, Muslim culture might exhibit more sobriety if this were all true, but of course what we see is precisely the opposite.

    66. These photos are absolutely beautiful – as is the wedding. I love how you have captured both the indoor and outdoor shots so well. The brides are lovely together and the wedding party really looks great on the beach!

    67. Holy cow $650? Yeah, I ruled out any condo where the dues were much over $400/month. Mine are around $300/month including water, sewer, trash, and building insurance. The craziest thing about dues is that they don’t get any cheaper outside of the city.

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    80. I would be downright screwed without this article, AG! I’m planning the next 5 years of my life around this article! Moving out and away/getting the hell away from this religion…yep, thanks so much for this article! When I’m not busy ass-kissing I’m busy planning my fade/move/escape! haha.

    81. Excellent point! If you can’t accept each and every one back, don’t breed them. Always microchip before puppies leave the breeding home and keep breeder name on the chip registry throughout the life of the animal – that way, if the dog gets into trouble or turns up in a shelter, the breeder will get a call as well as the owner.

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    92. Diane, family and friends, please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. Randy will be missed by all who knew him. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. David & Kathy Snyder

    93. / Haha… reminds me of the time, way back in the ’80s, when a co-worker loaned me his recorded-from-cable VHS of The Natural. He hadn’t noticed that the machine had stopped recording about three minutes from the climactic (or so I hear) ending. Oh, and then the time we rented Apocolypse Now and it was in two parts. Two videos. Of COURSE I put the second one in first. It seemed like a sudden beginning, but you know – some movies are cryptic like that. We didn’t realize what I had done until we put the “second” tape in. Sigh.

    94. 8:05 or 8:06 for approximately 90 seconds before I completely lose it.”I am still laughing over that line! I feel your pain, Sista. Except I don’t think I can last even 90 seconds. Happy Cheeto eating!

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    96. to people that if each resident/household gave just at least $100 to a candidate of their choosing (running for city council)that would have a profound impact on who rules city hall. Obviously, this community based fund raising would have to be a coordinated effort. Of course, all of this was before the big “R” impacting all fund raising attempts, etc.In a perfect world, it would be nice to follow the money right to people.As far as Obama is concerned, let’s give the guy a chance…we need that hope right now.

    97. I used a Leeds solicitor at the beginning of the year (that a friend had recommended) and he was brilliant.Not only did he get me the result I needed, but it cost around HALF of what I expected to pay!

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    99. Anton – Splendid result !! The 2nd fastest time ever for the course (and missing the first by just a few minutes) is something that I am sure you would be proud of, even if the race itself might not have been the "best" you could have run. Read on the Miwok site that Zach veered off course, else that would have added a nice touch to the tango with Mike. While you soak in this win, and get some well deserved rest, cant help but ask – are you running the WS100?

    100. Awh yes, its another Canada Day weekend. The suffering of Quebec continues – the ROC (I doubt there are 51%) who care whether La Belle Province stays or moves off into the eastern sunset. Happy Canada to You All!!! Cheers.VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

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    107. Aww, Pat! That’s awesome!! I think I know a similar feeling. I hate doing all the cooking and cleaning around the holidays…. but I can’t stand it if someone doesn’t do something the way I want it done!!!! How wonderful that they pitched in and helped out for you! What a great group of people!!

    108. I love Corfu and Kaminaki looks great. It sounds like it has 2 tavernas and a small shop so you might want to visit a grocery store on the way from the airport. Good luck.

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    116. Wow Mandy, such a Stunning card, love the scene behind Tilda and the beautiful paper and details. Lol at your cat on the bird table and at you feeding your new pet, eeekkk I wouldn't let a dragon come and live in our house so you are braver than me 😉 x

    117. I do remember the Ronny Harmon incident. I’m just not quite as witty with my sarcasm as the regular commenters here.And not to get into too much (4:53 on a Friday? Not the right time or place) but the only fans worse than Raider fans are Cowboy fans. That Monday night game here in Buffalo last season was unbearable. Never have I seen a more pathetic, obnoxious, rude collection of “fans” in my life./looking for rope now from memories of 1990-1993.//and the MCM///and the No Goal

    118. j:Yes! Write the company! I worked at Disneyland in college, and they make a HUGE deal of the unsolicited positive letters and comment cards they get about individual cast members. Poor, poor Tank though… dehydration is just miserable.

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    129. yay! i had the same thought about the “like button” and i don’t even bother w/facebook most of the time. fuck, what has become of us? in any case, yay for being back!

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    16. This is such an incredibly interesting idea. A lot of cost up front, I'm sure, but like others have mentioned, I love the decrease in waste–no destroying remaindered book, no gas used to transport books across the country. I'll have to see if there's one in my area. Thanks, Laura!

    17. It is regular cheerleaders people!! They had clog dancers the night before. I went to El Camino High in SSF when growing up and it makes sense that they’d use cheerleaders as a lead into Aggressive. Cheerleaders perform from 9:10 – 9:30 tonight, 20 minutes not an hour. Sorry no BR!

    18. Is the change from png to jpeg what changed the pic? Because now the pic looks alot less sharp than it did before. Like things look a lil more blurry like clothes and hair. Or is that just my computer?Its soooo nice to see Neil say sorry. Finally! Its about time. Now if we could just bring Val back everything is perfect

    19. mmm sorbet. however.SISTER PUT THAT PERIODICAL DOWN AND TAKE A NAP, is what future you will shout to your past self some day in may as you think back on this day with much rue.furthermore what a PUNKIN, what is she going to be for halloween?

    20. We have been here and not there for far too long now!! Real life has to continue somehow…(how did that sound? if I say it enough to myself…)

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    25. Sarei curioso di sapere chi è il “cane” che ha mixato il servizio. Mi dispiace davvero non essere arrivato in fondo, ma il background sonoro sovrastava la voce dello speaker in maniera assolutamente insopportabile.

    26. Hey Comrades P & B,Guess who moves around in a helicopter? Guess what class of people can afford to take a flight? Guess what people use the highway? Perhaps Comrade B should go back to JNU! Perhaps both of you need re-education. You are not supposed to be harming or hurting the common people! Or is that what you guys are really aiming for? Who is the puppet and tool of whom?

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    29. My kid is an asshole regularly. In fact, I'm happy to read this because it makes me feel like I'm not alone (although not happy to hear that you went through this). It's the beginning of the terrible twos, I think :(. No fun.

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    33. 'The Walking Dead: drawings in plastic by Clare-Knox Bentham' opens Sat 14th May. Live Music/Non-stop drawing/Boozy punch/Free #walkingdead

    34. Phew…cardio day for sure! Biked to work & back, biked to dragonboat practice and paddled for an hour, went for a 30 min bike ride after that…I think I got my steady state covered a few times! Had some delicious clean eats today, although my crepes were not as pretty as yours, haha.

    35. Dob in a mate – yeaaah, that's what I moved ten thousand frigging miles for. Marvellous. Reminds me of this bit of Red Dwarf. – betray your family and friends, prizes to be won. Deep joy.

    36. C’est bon ca ! Du dirty un peu !!!!Normal que t’aime le  »wild » tu trippe animal !;-)Quand meme,une fille peu etre douce et aimante mais ,ca veux pas dire qu’elle peux pas etre une tite bete des fois !L’un empeche pas l’autre .

    37. It’s looking good & I love the color. I can understand how you feel about test knitting as I know I will feel the same. We don’t want to let the designer down. Happy knitting.

    38. RosaA cor ficou linda! Por aqui usavam musgo de castanheiro para obter um castanho caramelo escuro. Punham um caldeiro ao lume, com uns “trochinhos” por baixo, o musgo em cima desses pauzinhos, para a lã não tocar no fundo do caldeiro e não queimar. Punha-se no meio da meada mais musgo, depois dobrava-se a meada e punha-se mais musgo por cima. Se o caldeiro fosse grande punham-se 3 meadas e fervia cerca de 2 horas.

    39. By febbraio 21, 2013 – 9:47 amWanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried including it to my Google reader account and got nothing.

    40. for the past week i’ve been seriously hating the seat. it occurs to me now that i hate it because it clashes with the length of that looped frame……and that looped frame is the perfect mounting point for a nice pillion cowl, ccw misfit-/ducati sport 1000-style.

    41. Question – Was Thomas Lotito’s letter that GOOD that you ran it TWICE, or was Ted’s letter so BAD that you were willing to run anything else to fill the space?

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    44. It's not the Comment Ratings that bother me, it's the fact that comments are just too difficult to view, and I don't think that it's intentional. It's not the layout or the feature, it's the fact that you simply can't view certain comments (regardless of rating).

    45. Some great ones there – but to be honest, if I learn about more books to read, I might soon be one of those people who make small aisles through their home so that the infrequent visitor can wind her way through. But don’t you just love Poets and Writers. And I’m a home magazine girl myself . . . thanks for sharing.

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    49. This comes as quite a surprise, hun. Thank you so much. I feel very honored that you considered me for this award. This is fantastic. I will post it tonight and link to you the way I am suppose. Thank you again for this wonderful award, Shannon.