Workshop in Beauty Salon

Workshop in Beauty Salon

I suggest styling workshops in beauty salons that are aimed at increasing the client loyalty and offer innovative services. During the workshops, your clients will receive valuable tips before heading to the professionals. The seasonal colour analysis is a crucial tool that will help you select cosmetics, hair colour, etc. Through the face shape analysis, I will advise them on the best haircut for their faces. Basically, this session will help your clients reveal their ideal and must-have colour pallets, their best face angles and flattering haircuts.

Package includes: 

  • Colour analysis: your personalized colour palette according to your season, techniques of colour combination,
  • Face shape analysis: recommendations for hair cut/colour, eyewear and accessories
  • Accessories : tips on picking the right shapes of sunglasses and colours for your jewelry

Duration : half day

Price: upon quote

Any questions you may have, please email or contact me at +33 6 44 79 21 07


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