Hello girls! Today I’m going to talk about DIOR…Though I’m not making publicity and I’m not the Dior’s best customer, I just found out that there are more and more Dior products in my make up! So here is a short list of my Dior essentials that I can’t imagine my life without 🙂

  1. Number one is the foundation – I’m using Diorskin Nude 020 which is perfect for my skin. The difference between Dior’s foundation and the many others that I’ve tried already is that when you apply it in the morning until the moment when you clear it off you don’t have an impression that you have something on your face. I had stopped foundations a while ago because of a bad experience, like it felt heavy and even if I didn’t apply much, it felt like my face was so heavy that something was pulling it down….eeeuuyyyy. Well, it was in the past! Dior’s foundation is glow, hydrating and light so now I know it’s one of my favorite gifts to my girls!


2. Number two is the mascara – Diorshow Blackout that I’m using now. Very simple – after having tried a lot of others, I came to Sephora and asked for a mascara which would make my lashes darker and more extensive. I’m happy to have found this mascara as this time I’m not changing it but keep buying the same as I keep getting compliments how my lashes are beautiful and long!

3. Number three is the dark red lipstick – Diorific 001 Diorama. Well this is SOMETHING! You can see that I’m having it in lot of my photo shoots. This dark red color is so trendy now that I’ve been looking for the right color for me for a while. I must say that I’ve always thought that the dark colors or simply the red lipstick are not for thin lips (as I have very thin lips). So I’ve always used light colors trying to visually make my lips bigger. And again, this color is so stylish that I’m using it almost every day!

4. And finally the number four is my eyeshadow Diorshow Fusion Mono – 881 Hypnotique. Both its cream texture and the brilliant color are so magic that it makes the eyes so deep and intense at the same time.

Tell me girls what other Dior products are you using and would like to talk about?




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