Hello friends! Today I’m presenting you another healthy and delicous recipe for your lunch or dinner. I had it for dinner and recommend you too as if you’re eating healthy, you must be in search of a light dinner. Well, in this case the broccoli is perfect for you as it’s very low in cholesterol and calorie and it can be used as a detox! I know that for me it’s important to have a dish full of colors, as our brain is very responsive to what we eat, the form, shapes, colors and the smell of course. That’s why I try to make all my meals eye catching.IMG_20160418_232008

The recipe is quite easy to cook. I steamed the broccoli and heat up one fish stick. Then I added two spoons of carrot / pea mixture (you can find it in cans), two spoons of a garlic olive oil and this fantastic mixture that I’ve found at bonjourfrenchfood. This is a salad mixture with black olives, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, marigold flower and basil. Leave a comment if you try to cook this dish. Bon appetit!IMG_20160418_232039

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