The faux fur coats don’t go anywhere this season! When the temperature is below 0° but you don’t feel like wearing a jumper over your roll-neck and two t-shirts under your cosy warm coat, you go for a more fancy option if you dare cause you won’t stay unnoticed with your faux fur! And if you pair it correctly, you’ll be called a real fashionista!

The “fur” subject being actual as never, designers go more and more for “the fake fur” staying open-minded and realistic. Some of these fake furs could compete with the real ones. The fact is, either at Gucci or H&M you’ll find a trendy colored faux fur coat to look chic.

Celebrities, influencers and famous models only increase the attraction by showing off in faux furs making a publicity and referring to a certain way of affordability.

Here are some suggestions of faux fur coats:

  1. ON THE LEFT: Chiara Ferragni wearing sky blue faux fur coat  

   ON THE RIGHT: My alternative from Zara (shop it here )

2. ON THE LEFT: Chiara again showing off in her pink faux fur coat from Majorelle (198,18€)

    ON THE RIGHT: Me (seems that I have a response to almost all Chiara’s faux fur coats) in a faux fur coat from Bershka (25€)

3. ON THE LEFT: Gigi Hadid in a coat from Sam Edelman (139$)

    ON THE RIGHT: Bershka version (25€), shop it here 

Basically all major trendy brands proposed the faux fur in different colors, shapes making them perfect for a streetstyle or urban chic look. My favorite fun colors are pink, green and blue. Here is my selection of chic faux fur coats to keep you warm:

BERHSKA Click here to shop it

Click here to shop

MANGO  Click here to shop it

TOPSHOP Click here to shop



Fishnets rocked this season and I was one of those who fell in love with them buying different tights and fishnet socks. This is not a discovery of course, we saw them before and it used to be dancers’ mandatory accessory when wearing out of stage used to make them vulgar. So why they are back and how come that they’ve been trendy this season?

From my modest fashionista point of view the simplicity is trendy nowadays. You don’t have to put on extravagant outfits to be stylish. The key is being creative and open-minded. With some curious tricks you are able to transform your boring, “have-seen” outfit to a stylish one by accessoring them in a different fresh way. This was the case of the fishnets this year so the celebrities, bloggers and almost every fashionista made sure to put their own outfits together by styling them with the fishnets.  Here are some most common ways to wear them.


A simple pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a sweater becomes way too trendy when you wear fishnets under your jeans. This look would have been so simple without them, yet it is trendy, rock and daring.


                                                               NARE’S TOUCH


Pick a simple flare black dress or a skirt and pair it with fishnets instead of usual tights and your outfit will fit to glam chic.


                                                              CHIARA FERRAGNI

                                                            NARE’S TOUCH


Daring and bold, the total fishnet outfit will never stay unnoticed. Make sure to pick a nice bra and other beautiful lingerie, be confident about your body and assume the sexiness of your outfit as you girl are gonna get all eyes on you!



Wear them with sneakers, heels, loafers, leather shoes….change everything you ever thought about fishnets! Without spending a fortune, you can buy them at H&M, Asos, Calzedonia, Forever21, etc.





If you’re attending fashion events regularly or if you have a keen eye when doing your shopping in Paris, you might have noticed that Paris is full of new fashion designers and creators that emerge more often and often nowadays. So the recipe for the success is simple: bringing innovation and standing out in order to get noticed!

This is the case of this new-brand fashion designer, Anna Ferreira who just launched her brand Anna Ferreira Paris couple of weeks ago. As you can jugde by the photos these clothes are original but there is a REAL CONCEPT in there! Her clothes are detachable and interchangeable! What does it mean? This means that you can make a new match by changing the back and the front using a simple fastening system. This way you can create your own compositions and make you looks different every time using the same items! Isn’t this awesome?

It’s a surprisingly good way to stand out as I’ve never heard of such a thing before. So yes, Anna, your idea is unique and the clothes are gorgeous. I’d define the style “classy” and “elegant”, a real french touch! But you should go and make sure by yourself!

The collection launch is held in a pop-up store at 15 rue du Pont Louis Philippe, Paris 4 so you still have time until tomorrow to go and discover this brand and to meet the creator in person.





How to support the hot weather in a city and still have an irresistible look when you go out or simply go to work? This question might be actual not only for my parisian fashionistas but also for those girls for whom the bikini season has not started yet.

I’m presenting you 3 looks of summer dresses which can fit for several occasions: office, cocktail, night-out, etc. What is common for all these 3 looks? The colors and the absence of the black. I strongly recommend to put your black clothes away for these amazing hot summer days and take the advantage of wearing simple floral, printed and colorful outfits. 

Another important thing is the choice of the fabric. This can change a lot! You may have an amazing dress on you but if you’re not comfortable on it because it’s too moulding or it makes you sweat even more, there is no sense in having that dress at all. So you might want to pay extra attention to the fabric also when you go shopping! I would recommend cotton, linen, silk, chambray, seersucker, etc.

And a last tip…this kind of dresses can be adapted to your different life events easily by only changing an accessory! If you match it with a big purse, it’s ok to go to work but pick a clutch instead and you’re ready to go to a cocktail party!

I hope this has been useful for you. What tips do you have to share to beat the summer heat and be irresistible?
Wedding shoes



It seems that you liked this pictures most of all. I think I might have a clue why it is so. You see the red color is not too much related to the working environment when it comes to dress code policy. But I couldn’t have hidden this amazing red pleated skirt only for going out for sure. And here I came with an alternative which worked for me and happily you liked it too.

So it is about combining with a less sexy piece which will neutralize the sexy provocative side of the outfit. I did it mostly by wearing a simple top from Mango and a grey coat from 3 Suisses. These colors definitely blend together and give a new fresh touch to the red skirt outfit (H&M). Tell me what you think by leaving a comment. See you soon!

photos by Salomé



Well, well…the white shirt is not new and surely will stay in fashion as long as you will know yourself as any other classic outfit. But you might have noticed the sky blue or white oversized or asymmetric cotton versions of that shirts which have been trendy for couple of seasons now. Yes, they are rocking this spring as well and you don’t have to be super keen in fashion to notice that. Almost every every fashion brand proposes their models.

I found mine at Mango, it hit me right away when I saw on the mannequin and from the moment I saw it, I started visualizing the whole look in my head. Bringing it to reality was just a question of time, or should I say, couple of more boutiques? 🙂

And yes, about the socks and sandals…still trendy. But I’ll talk about them in another post! Bisous





If you think that I was dressed up like this because I was going to a party, you’re wrong. I mean surely I could, but not this time. Here is a simple example of a Sunday outfit to go and grab some coffee with your friends and still be fashion but not too overdressed for the occasion. To be honest, I bought this H&M black lace dress couple of years ago and wore it twice, until now. It’s girlie, sassy and stylish as any “little black dress”. I matched it with my new Calzedonia tights and NineWest purse. As I said, not overdressed but good to go for a walk with my girls on a Sunday afternoon.

Tell me what do you think about it!


photos by Marina



The fashion week is over and the Women’s Day is also behind us. The rare spring sunshines are heating the city. Everyone is trying to benefit from every single hour in the sun either by walking around the streets of traditional neighbourhood of Marais, or reading a novel sitting on the benches in Jardin du Luxembourg, or strolling in Jardin de Tuilleries hand by hand with their beloved ones along with the serenade of excited doves. When the clouds disappear from the grey sky of Paris, everyone tries to absorb the vitamin D and appreciates highly the moment.

In my case that would be the Sunday shooting as a duty. With these spring hot and cold days I was inspired by the Eiffel Tower. I’m going to make three posts with the Eiffel Tower behind me and I want you to tell me which of these shootings you liked the most.

Well, the first outfit is my favorite one as it’s composed of my fetish color – the rose (if you remember I’m a big lover of different shades of the rose). I didn’t want it to look kitsch though, that’s why I put on my off-white coat with golden engraved buttons. I feel like a queen in this coat to be honest. My velour boots, gold chain strap purse and THE rose scarf added a very gentle and feminine touch to this early spring trendy outfit.

…to be continued. Next edition coming soon.





The Fashion Week has started! Let’s talk about “La petite robe noire”, this classic key element of our dressing which will always emphasize our femininity.  You put it when you go to a cocktail or afterwork party, when you want to seduce or make an impression with your fine and charming style. Whenever you need to mask some body imperfections or highlight your flawless silhouette, this little black dress will make you elegant if you let it. Whether you wear it with high heel pumps or thick sole boots as in my case below, it will transform with you and adapt to your style.

Don’t forget the accessories! I was trying to make an elegant rock cocktail with this dress when I decided to wear this outfit for the shooting. The lilac fur jacket knitted by my mom was the perfect match to add some color and chic touch and it’s definitely trendy this way!

In other words, I invite you to have a look in your dressing and bring that little black dress out (cause I know that you all have it!) and make some funny, sassy and chic combinations cause after the Fashion Week it’s the Women’s Day and let’s be honest, we have to rock it!

photos by Happy Days Studio

Address: 1bis rue Lemercier, 75017 Paris

Website http://www.happydaysstudioparis.com/