Always loyal to my dear Syuzi who has now been doing my hair for almost 3 years, I did not lose the chance to take another appointment with her when I was staying for a short week during New Year holidays in Armenia.

Going from brunette to blonde can be a high challenge and a big change for certain girls. Either you have to be hundred percent sure of what you want and go ahead with your determined idea of going blonde or you have to do it step by step like I do.

You must be also aware that this might cause damage to your hair so a lot of precautions must be taken. But the very important of all is the person who you trust your precious hair to. So before making such a big change just make sure that your hairdresser understands what you want, is experienced enough and that you have a good feeling with him/her.

This way every time I go blonder but it’s not shocking, on the contrary, I like the new me and look forward to see what is Syuzi going to do with my hair next time! Well, normally I must be going back for my brother’s wedding this summer or early autumn so I have enough time to enjoy my new haircut and to find a new look to prepare!

Bisous, Nare



Hi girls! Here is my “ready to go out” kit for today!

The last product that I’ve bought on this picture is the my Givenchy perfum – Live Irrésistible which is perfect for summer.

By the way this summer the nude shades are trendy as you might have noticed. Tell me girls what is your favourite make up essential for this summer?

Below the list of the items shown on this pic.


  1. Shoes from NineWest
  2. Make up bag from Chloé
  3. Watches from Lacoste
  4. Mascara Diorshow from Dior
  5. Lipstick from Dior
  6. Perfume from Givenchy Live Irrésistible
  7. Sunglasses from Sephora
  8. Nail varnish from Kiko


Hello girls! Today I’m going to talk about DIOR…Though I’m not making publicity and I’m not the Dior’s best customer, I just found out that there are more and more Dior products in my make up! So here is a short list of my Dior essentials that I can’t imagine my life without 🙂

  1. Number one is the foundation – I’m using Diorskin Nude 020 which is perfect for my skin. The difference between Dior’s foundation and the many others that I’ve tried already is that when you apply it in the morning until the moment when you clear it off you don’t have an impression that you have something on your face. I had stopped foundations a while ago because of a bad experience, like it felt heavy and even if I didn’t apply much, it felt like my face was so heavy that something was pulling it down….eeeuuyyyy. Well, it was in the past! Dior’s foundation is glow, hydrating and light so now I know it’s one of my favorite gifts to my girls!


2. Number two is the mascara – Diorshow Blackout that I’m using now. Very simple – after having tried a lot of others, I came to Sephora and asked for a mascara which would make my lashes darker and more extensive. I’m happy to have found this mascara as this time I’m not changing it but keep buying the same as I keep getting compliments how my lashes are beautiful and long!

3. Number three is the dark red lipstick – Diorific 001 Diorama. Well this is SOMETHING! You can see that I’m having it in lot of my photo shoots. This dark red color is so trendy now that I’ve been looking for the right color for me for a while. I must say that I’ve always thought that the dark colors or simply the red lipstick are not for thin lips (as I have very thin lips). So I’ve always used light colors trying to visually make my lips bigger. And again, this color is so stylish that I’m using it almost every day!

4. And finally the number four is my eyeshadow Diorshow Fusion Mono – 881 Hypnotique. Both its cream texture and the brilliant color are so magic that it makes the eyes so deep and intense at the same time.

Tell me girls what other Dior products are you using and would like to talk about?





Hi Guys! I hope you’re all having a sunny Sunday! Today I’m going to show you my morning makeup essentials that I have tested on me and now I can recommend you.


  1. Before ever applying any make up on your face, don’t forget to moisture your skin with any hydrating cream. I’m using Hydrotempo Soin Hydrate 8h of Skin Minute. I trust any cosmetics of this brand as they contain 0% paraben and I’ve been using them since couple of years now.
  2. Once your skin is hydrated now you can go on with the foundation. I’m using Diorskin Nude of Dior as this glow and light foundation matches my skin at 100%. This is the best foundation that I’ve been ever used.
  3. Then I’m applying the Bronzing power from Sephora in order to contour a bit my face. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought Sephora makeup and still now it works rather good for me. Please note that if you want to make a light contouring it’d better to use a bronzing power rather than a cream (especially in summer!).
  4. Now we can go with the eyes! I have this Dior’s eyeshadow palette with light colors that I find classy and actually it can go with any outfit or style. Here comes my second Sephora makeup product – the eyeliner. It’s a waterproof liquid pencil eyeliner that I appreciate very much as it’s easy to apply, it stands the whole day and the one thing that I like most about it is that acually when you apply it, it doesn’t leave any prints on your eyelids. Perfect for me as I’ve been struggling with this with other eyeliners and pencils. I’m using as well Dior’s mascara Diorshow. I know, there are too many Dior products in my makeup, I’ll be soon posting about my Dior Essentials to show why I use their cosmetics in particular.
  5. Now the lips…There is a rule about the lips and the eyes: if you highlight your eyes (eyeliner, mascara – the basics + colorful eyeshadow), then no need to highlight as much the lips (you can skip well contoured dark red lips) as either your eyes or your lips must be accentuated, not both of them!).
  6. Once I’m done with my face, I apply on my skin my favourite Exsens Glam Oil which illuminates and makes it soften. Actually the scent is so delicous and sexy that sometimes I skip my perfume when I apply this oil.

Please leave your comments if you have any questions or remarks concerning any of above mentioned products! See you! Bisous


Hi everyone! I’ve been waiting for this day for  months and here I am with a new hair color and a new haircut! I think that this highlighting is perfect for this summer and fits me pretty much. Thank you my dear Syuzi, thank you again and again!

Please leave your comments if you like it! Bisous





Hey guys! This is a quick post to show you these beautiful curls that were made by my favourite and best hairdresser Syuzi! I’m not having my hair done too often (twice a year maybe) because I’m used to go to Syuzi’s who lives in Yerevan, Armenia. So when I go visit my parents I’m having my hair done as well. You might ask why? Well, to be honest, it costs a fortune to do it where I live (in Paris). Last time I had my hair cut and dyed here, I think I cried out all of my tears the whole day  because it was way far from I had asked for and plus I paid tooo much!

The second reason is that Syuzi understands me at a glance, she knows what I want and she’s a great professional.

Below what she did couple of months ago. 

IMG_20160512_221646Well it doesn’t mean that I have these curls only twice a year! I’m actually using two types of curling tongs. With the first one in the picture I obtain well-structured curls and with the second one big and wavy curls. IMG_20160512_222201I will make a video with these both tongs to show how easy it is and doesn’t take too much time, believe me! I’m looking forward to have a new haircut soon as I’m going back home in 3 weeks, so I say “see you very soon, Syuzi!”