The stripped black & white top is a must in every girl’s dressing as it’s one of those pieces which never gets old or out of date. It’s a classic like the “little black dress”. But what can really change is the way how would you wear it today. Jeans, leggings, shorts, skirt…hundreds of combinations. I like it because it’s simple to match with and it’s like a lifesaver for me when I’m in a hurry with no time to think about and there I can go for this option which will always be stylish. One of my favorite combinations with this stripped black&white top is a fancy Asos stripped skirt which is explosing the whole look with its bright blue color. I’m wearing Asos beige boots with transparent heels which were the star of this season. What is your favorite match with the stripped black & white top?

photo by Salomé



Hi everybody! I celebrated my birthday couple of weeks ago and got this brilliant idea to make a shooting with my birthday outfit. Let me introduce you these simple and available for everybody pieces which rendered this look so sexy.

Dress – got it from New Look. But if you are going to look for the same dress you need to know that I customized it by removing the large straps on both shoulders. It’s more comfortable and sexier this way.

Knee tights – One of the best purchases from Asos. I’ve been wearing the knee high socks since I was in 5th grade. But having them with the tights is the best invention ever simply because they don’t go down!

Boots from Asos that I got last year are probably one of the fanciest ones in my dressing. Multicolor with high heels, they add a little bit of rock to my look.

Accessories – I’m wearing H&M choker.

Check below the link as well as the address of the studio where I had the shooting.

See you soon!

photos by Happy Days Studio

Address: 1bis rue Lemercier, 75017 Paris



Last Saturday there was a special operation called “Paris qui sauve” / “Paris who saves” in Paris organized by Paris City Hall in collaboration with French Red Cross. During the whole day in each city hall you could find basic trainings for first aid where the Red Cross volunteers shared all the necessary information for emergencies during two hours and for which you had to suscribe in advance to get in the list.

We can be confronted in every day life to different emergencies in the street, transport, work, at home and at every single spot where there are people. This can happen to a stranger, a friend or to your family and this is really important to know how to react correctly and effectively to help someone in need or even save his life. What number you have to dial? How to be efficient on the phone when giving the information to the emergency assistance? How to know if the person is still breathing? How to make a cardiac massage? All these questions are emerging in our mind and may lose time in panic not knowing what to do. This is why it is vital to know the responses.

At the end of the training everybody got a certificate of participation signed by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

A special thank you to these guys from the French Red Cross who did a great job with us!

Here are some trainings that can be found in Paris:
-IRR (Initiation à la Réduction des Risques)
-AMD (Appeler – Masser – Défibriller), Urgence Cardiaque
-IPS (Initiation aux Premiers Secours)
-PSC1 (Prévention et Secours Civiques de niveau 1)
For more information you can visit:





If you are following me and my daily outfit posts then you should guess that I’ve been into tulle clothes this winter. And what is curious about this is that I really LOVE how I find different combinations to match. Let’s take this pull with a Trouble Maker written on it and the tulle skirt both from Bershka. A little bit of rock&sassiness by adding a black choker (H&M), red Dior lipstick and the NineWest purse with a golden chain strap and of course the boots! These velour boots are my favorite ones from Asos. The color is changing depending on the light, they are actually bordeau but as you see on the pictures they turn into pink, violet and this is why I like them. If you’re a real fashionista you must have a pair of velour shoes for this season! Tell me what do you think about this outfit! How would you match a tulle skirt? Share you pictures! See you 🙂

photos by Salomé