Well today it’s a special post – “a birthday issue” that I dedicate to my lovely colleague and photographer Salomé. Salomé’s the one who takes most of the pictures of me that you can see in my blog. So today it’s her birthday actually and I’m posting some pictures of her that I took this summer during our lunch break (as usually)!

Speaking of the dress which was a good alternative to hot summer hours in the office but also a very beautiful centered one marking the waist with a V neck collar on both sides. The reason why I liked this dress so much it’s that you can adjust it to any style you want. You can put a leather or denim jacket on and turn it into a elegant casual version or leave it simple and act on your hairstyle or accessories to make it look medieval, royal or princess dress.



P.S. Happy birthday, Salomé! Have a great one and hope we will have as much fun as we did this year collaborating!

photo by Nare



This is a throwback to those hot september days in Paris when I still could walk in my open shoes, in a bustier top not wearing a coat and feeling splendid….To be honest, a couple of years ago when I bought this skirt for job interviews, I could not imagine that one day I would be wearing it this way matching with high heels and a bustier and some accessories like a choker and a shawl to bring a cabaret mood to this set. We were shooting with my friend Victor (the link to his book below) in the 8th district of Paris during rush hours between 17-18h and there was a lot of traffic there. The only thing I was thinking about (besides thinking of not falling down from my heels) was begging in my mind those drivers to go, not stop, not stare at, just drive 🙂  

photos by Victor

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